Friday, April 9, 2010

Install spring 3.0 plug-in in Eclipse 3.5

Actually this should be a pretty old topic, since I have done the same thing more than 5 times. However, without note down all the details, each time I have to google to solve some issue. Every time I just wondered why in the first place I keep this details down, now finally I decide to write all this down in case next time I have to google again and again.

So what you need to do is simply use the install new software tool in the Help menu. The address of spring plug-in is: .And actually all you need is pretty clearly written on the web site of

However, there might be several issues you will encounter. In my situation, you will always get a complaint about the missing component of "package org.eclipse.ajdt.internal.ui.lazystart 0.0.0". This package belongs to AJDT (which stands for AspectJ Development Tools) could be downloaded through the site of, and relevant info is here:

After that try the spring plugin once again, in my case no complain any more and you should be able to get dirty with Spring finally.

PS: I have tried this method both in Ubuntu 9.10 and Mac OS Snow Leopard. Haven't try on Windows so please forgive me if it fails with Microsoft.

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