Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Download All Mails to Client Mail Box

After re-install my computer, I lost all the mail information. While I was a little unsatisfied with the character encoding with Foxmail, I decided to take a try with Thunderbird, which originally I found from Lars.

It is a great application with email receiving and sending. However, two problems blocks me a little while for configuration. One is each time you close the box, it will really exit but not minimize to the system tray. Actually this is pretty annoying that at first I just feel strange how can I not receiving any mails for half a day. OK, so what you need to do is download a plug-in to enable the minimize ability. Just Google it and you will definitely find it.

Another serious problem is I can only download those unread emails from GMail which always affects my working when I try to fetch those old mails. At first I thought it is a problem with the configuration of Thunderbird, and finally I figured out I owe an apology to Thunderbird. Yep, it is just one single click on the setting with GMail.

Log into your GMail account, in the setting panel and Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab,  you will see a POP Download option, select it to enable POP for all mails, then start your client to receive. Done.

I guess this solution will be suitable for all kinds of client applications.