Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kick off my new career path

It's the first day that I work in Australia, and also in the uni. Currently I have two titles, one is a master student who is going to graduate later this year, and another is a casual research assistant in the department of cs. At this moment, I am really happy to have a perfect environment to start with my career, and also thanks to my "boss" James giving me infinite help on my first day.

Anyway, I have never try to use Linux before, and after one day living with Ubuntu, I guess in the future I might be a big fan of the Linux family although Win7 has just come out of the water. I prefer this feeling with professional study and work, and I'm more happy to get payed by this.

I'm going to write more in this blog to record my working life in Melbourne, and also some technique skills or tips or summaries as I walk through this project.